Follow these 4 simple steps

  • how it works step 1

    Step 1

    Purchase a qualifying Broadband or TV package within 28 days of taking out a contract or making a minimum spend purchase at Currys (valid for in-store and online purchases). See the Terms for details about qualifying purchases.

  • how it works step 2

    Step 2

    After purchasing your Broadband or TV package, wait at least 45 days before submitting your claim. Hold on to your proof of purchase.

  • how it works step 3

    Step 3

    When the wait period is over, submit your claim for cashback. Make sure you do this within 60 days of purchasing your package.

  • how it works step 4

    Step 4

    When we’ve received notification of your order installation, we'll validate your claim and issue your cashback.

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